The NBU said that the need to strengthen the hryvnia

В НБУ рассказали, что нужно для укрепления гривны

The head of the NBU Yakov Smoliy

Quality of life Ukrainians can rise through the real transformation of the economy, not declarative social standards.

To really increase the balance of payments of Ukraine can increase domestic production and exports. This was stated by the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy, the press service of the NBU.

According to Smoliy, the improvement in the economy will impact in turn on the hryvnia.

“To improve the balance of payments should not a manipulation of the figures with the help of the hryvnia, and the real increase in domestic production and exports,” – said resin.

According to him, reforms in the economy, important structural reforms, including to attract long-term capital in Ukraine, and one of the key in this area is judicial reform.

Resin stressed that only structural reforms will truly improve the quality of life of Ukrainians.

“The increase of social standards is all well and good, but to live really successfully and safely only at the expense of real incomes, which creates economy,” he explained.

The head of the NBU said that with high inflation the monetary policy of the regulator will remain rigid, although it prevents the revival of economic growth.

“If we want someone who bought equipment, set up production, has implemented an infrastructure project, it needs to take control of inflation, otherwise no long-term, strategic investor will not come,” – said resin.

Earlier in the NBU predicted how many workers will transfer to Ukraine in the current year.

Recall that Yakov Smoliy said that Ukraine in the fall may obtain the fifth tranche from the International monetary Fund.

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