The NBU will sell at auction $100 million

НБУ продаст на аукционе $100 млн

The NBU is trying to soften the fall of the hryvnia

The average rate of hryvnia on the interbank market to 10:00 on Wednesday fell by almost 12 cents.

The national Bank of Ukraine on Wednesday, October 4, announced the auction for the sale of up to $ 100 million. As reported on the website of the NBU, competitive bids will be accepted until 12:30.

The previous auction was held on September 28. The regulator sold for 36.4 million dollars at the rate of up to 26, and 52 UAH/$1.

In total, the auction was applied for $ 38 million at the exchange rate from 26.5 UAH/$1 to 26, and 52 UAH/$1. The average rate on the auction amounted to 26,5111 UAH/$1.

According to the national Bank, the average rate of hryvnia on the interbank currency market to 10:00 Wednesday declined to 26,8197 UAH/$1 with 26,7044 UAH/$1 at the end of trading on the previous working day.

Trade turnover by that time amounted to $3.2 million.

As reported Корреспондент.netOctober 4 cash dollar rose sharply in exchange Kiev – from 28 cents to 27,0476 UAH/$1.

The national Bank said that the weakening in September, the hryvnia to the dollar mainly due to seasonal demand for foreign currency on the part of energotrader.

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