The NEB conducts searches in the offices of the company, Jan De NUL Ukraine

НАБУ проводит обыски в офисах компании Ян Де Нул Украина

Jan de NUL was to participate in the tender for dredging

The searches began before the beginning of a new tender for dredging of the Yuzhny port.

At the moment the staff of the NABOO to make searches in the office as well as home addresses and personal cars of management of the company “Jan De NUL Ukraine”. This Ukrainian news reported by the press service of the company.

The company Saville about withholding all documents and computers during the searches, initiated in NABOO.

In Jan De NUL Ukraine believe that the searches are connected with the attempt to block the company’s participation in tenders for dnouglubleniju in the amount of UAH 2.5 billion in the port Yuzhny. Tenders are scheduled for the end of December, through the system Prozzoro.

“The company regards it as the pressure on the company in advance of the tenders, with the aim to make impossible the participation in tender procedures, as of NAB withdraws the originals of all the documents,” – said in Jan De NUL Ukraine.

Earlier, the AMC has cancelled the tender for dredging in the port of Yuzhnyi, in which the winner of the procurement procedure was Jan De NUL Ukraine. In the port selection South company Jan De NUL Ukraine for the reconstruction and dredging of the approach channel called the relevant legal rules and the tender – transparent.

The chief of port Youzhny denies the allegations Leshchenko