The need or whim: As there are kindergartens for adults

Потребность или прихоть: Как работают детские сады для взрослых

In Brooklyn, new York area, more than a year of kinder garden Preschool Mastermind for adults who would like to feel like kids again. According to the founder of Michelle Joni, a kindergarten was conceived that adults can “briefly to unleash the child within us”. The Director of the kindergarten hopes that the visit will teach new Yorkers easier to relate to life, become more confident in yourself and just have a good time.

This extraordinary idea was picked up in Russia. Recently Novosibirsk programmer Eugene Pyatkovsky opened in one of the residential areas of the “capital of Siberia”, the city’s first kindergarten for adults. According to the author, this idea was inspired by own child: “My daughter attends kindergarten. My friends and I once too, was pondering when I felt happy and agreed on the opinion that happiness was a long time ago in childhood. Hence, the idea of a kindergarten for adults.”

He noted that a lot of people, mainly office workers in search of opportunities to relax at least one day to spend outside of the normal rhythm of life tried different quests, psychological training and so on. Kindergarten for adults, according to him, a worthy alternative.

Adheres to such opinion and Irina Khokhlova, the initiator of a similar project in Aktau, Kazakhstan, which recently started its work. Kindergarten is called “angel Wings”.

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“We are now faced with the fact that his parents were children of the 90-ies, who grew up in a time when their parents had to work and children to stay at home one. And now they just do not know how to play with their children. They don’t know what to do with them. Our institution will help all wishing to return to childhood, to fill itself with children’s emotions, and energy of childhood. We hope that our visitors, plunging into the atmosphere of childhood, will be able to recover from stress,” said Irina Khokhlova.

What offer its visitors the gardens for the realization of such a child grown-up dreams?

In kindergarten Preschool Mastermind during the sessions, which are held once a week, “children” play, draw, sculpt clay, make crafts, and sometimes even go on trips. There is quiet time and a snack, and parent meetings that “children” should have two adults at your choice.

Today the group of only six people, among them a lawyer, a programmer and writer. “Kindergarten” is quite expensive. Depending on financial possibilities, the pupils are encouraged to pay anywhere from 333 to $ 999.

According to Pyatkovskogo, visitors of Novosibirsk the kindergarten offers traditional food of kindergartens of the Soviet Union – cereals, casseroles, cocoa. To do with “older children” will be former or current teachers real kindergartens. In groups of ten people, matched by age, visitors will sing, sculpt from clay and other types of art.

Потребность или прихоть: Как работают детские сады для взрослых

“How long have you spent a day without the phone or sleep during the day? And here it all is, and people at least will have fun this day,” says the author of the project, noting that the kindergarten operates by appointment and while interest was shown by men aged from 28 to 40 years and for women from 23 to 30 years. The cost of one day of stay – 3 thousand rubles (circa 1,300 USD). Plans Eugene Pyatkovskogo to open such kindergartens in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Adult “children” in the garden “angel Wings” waiting for music lessons and choreography, two meals a day and various interesting activities. In the future in a kindergarten for adults is planned to open groups for seniors, where you can leave an elderly moms and dad that they were provided with care.

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“Age restrictions in our kindergarten there, we can come in everything from 20 years and older. If we have many who want to go to senior kindergarten, we will divide groups by age. While we work on weekends from 09:00 to 17:00 hours, and if you would be willing to visit groups for the elderly, we are ready to work on weekdays,” – said Irina Khokhlova. About the cost of the classes not currently reported.

Whether such a project in Ukraine and what are its prospects?

Given the desire of Ukrainian society to keep pace with global trends, the organization of such a startup, at first glance, a matter of time. However, it depends on social problems in the country. And not going far, it’s the problem of filling the same kindergarten, but children.

According to various sources, today in Ukraine in a queue in kindergartens is about 90 thousand children. Only in Kiev the parents of more than 14 thousand children waiting to have a child in kindergarten. It is assumed that to improve the situation would new sanitary regulations for preschool educational institutions, adopted in may 2016. The introduction of the new sanitary regulations will facilitate the opening of new kindergartens and will bring in the legal field, those who work illegally. Therefore, taking into account this fact, most likely, in the near future our country will be held under the motto “kindergartens – to children”.

More promising for Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries may be a startup on the topic of summer camp for adults. A similar project is gaining popularity in USA and has the name “camp counselors” (Camp No Counselors). Its founder, 33-year-old Adam Tichauer from Canada.

Потребность или прихоть: Как работают детские сады для взрослых

While that is a small but growing business that carries “adult” shifts in the summer camps. They are very similar to baby shifts — the same games and adventures. But there are two significant differences: the alcohol and partying late. But to sleep, as before, in shared houses. Adam usually spends his “camp no counselors” before and after school holidays – just at the time when the camps are empty.

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Each session lasts three days and is usually held in the weekend. The camp can accommodate up to 200 people. The average age is 30 years. “The permit in such camp usually costs 575 dollars. But for the money buy the all inclusive package, so travelers don’t need to spend money on food and drinks. Run “Camps without counselors” 8 full-time and 15 part-time employees. But there is a caveat. Anyone who wants to get to the change, must fill out a form with information about yourself, and provide the addresses of their accounts in social networks. On these questionnaires, the company then selects 200 people who can come to camp.

The head of Department of the company Dave Kushner explains: “Since space in the camp for a bit, we make a change of were 200 people who want to go there.” “We want to be sure that all the participants of the session will respect the personal space of each other and will not show hatred and other negative threat. We are proud that we have had no fights, especially given the fact that we have a permanent bar,” he says.

Why do this format more chances?

First, most adults who come from the USSR, and their children, who told me stories about him, summer camp evokes romantic associations. This is the period of adolescence, which is much brighter semolina in kindergarten, but because of the positive psychological effect will be more powerful.

Secondly, it is available. The main thing – to find a suitable camp, base of rest, or a convenient area where you can pitch a tent city. With the latest might be luckier because we have a beautiful nature.

It should be noted that, despite the lack of a single overall project goal is to return adults to childhood, in Ukraine from time to time events of this nature. Usually they are carried out by psychologists or youth organizations and the community in the form of trainings, seminars, summer multi-day camps. The diversity of activities and ways of bringing the adult child’s dream depends on the event organizer. The cost of participation in such projects on the average from 500 UAH. Usually reports of such events are posted online or distributed in the form of flyers, which sometimes gives a discount, and even free participation.

Потребность или прихоть: Как работают детские сады для взрослых

The most popular Ukraine are family camps where adults can and to remember the childhood and to establish contacts with their own children. Given the current Ukrainian realities, was organized solely for adults – the Center of rehabilitation support participants of the ATO in Kharkov on the basis of children’s camp plant “fed”. As the press service of the Kharkiv regional state administration: “Here the men will undergo a 14-day rehabilitation course, developed by psychologists working with the military, including on the front. The project was implemented by the charitable Foundation of “Sister of mercy ATO” with the support of GP hmz “fed” and the Kharkiv regional state administration”.

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If 14 days of the course for fighters is not enough, then a rehabilitation program and will expand to 20 days, and, if necessary, and up to 30 days. In order to go to rehab, the soldiers have to stick to only one condition – forget for 14 days about the use of alcohol. Specialists of the rehabilitation center, will create the conditions “to the soldiers who returned from the ATO area, have plunged into the childhood and felt like a girl scout”.

* * *

As you can see, the ability to sleep during the day or to eat semolina with lumps need to pay a lot. And will it be successful? In Europe and the USA, where there is a practice to have their own psychologist and attend various training sessions, perhaps over time, the idea of kindergartens and adults “camp no counselors” outside of Brooklyn. But in the post-Soviet countries there is a danger that it will become another toy for those without a special order of conditions will unleash their inner kid, the main thing – to forget then write it whim in the income Declaration.

Bohdan Steward