The Network showed a “surge” of a nuclear reactor

В Сети показали “пульсацию” ядерного реактора

Scientists have shown the work of a nuclear reactor under water

Scientists showed how submerged reactor flashes a blue light, emitting a loud sound.

The International atomic energy Agency showed how “pulsing” nuclear reactor. The video appeared on the official website of the organization to Twitter.

The video shows how a research nuclear reactor, immersed in water, starts to work. First behind the scenes is a countdown, then in the water appears blue glow. It’s called Cherenkov radiation, after the physicist Pavel Cherenkov.

Part of the reactor that come into motion, making a loud sound and on the water be circles.

It’s not every day that you see a research #nuclear reactor pulse!

— International Atomic Energy Agency (@iaeaorg) August 18, 2019.

Scientists have signed the movie with the words “it’s Not every day you see a pulsing nuclear reactor”.

On the eve of the scientists have modeled the effects of nuclear war Russia and the United States. It was also reported that was recorded a repeated signal from space.

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