The Network showed who painted a swastika monument in Nikolaev

В Сети показали, кто разрисовал свастикой памятник в Николаеве

Monument in Mykolaiv desecrated old

In a network published video footage of street observations, which is visible vandal, painted a swastika monument to the border guards.

The monument to the fallen Ukrainian border guards in Nikolaev painted a swastika, an elderly woman. This is evidenced by footage of street observation report Wednesday, November 7, news-N.

In particular, the video shows that hunched old lady with a cane came to the monument, and for some time walked slowly, waiting until people leave. Soon, the woman climbed up on the pedestal and painted the monument.

In particular, she drew a swastika on the star of the Soviet Union.


It is known that this case of vandalism in Mykolaiv occurred on 8 September. Then on the monument to the border guards, which is located on the Alley of Military Glory in Victory Park of the city, was painted Nazi swastika.

Earlier, one of the city’s cemeteries Kharkov the priest went on a jeep on the graves and damaged several gravestones.

It was also reported that at the Cathedral square in the river poured red paint on the monument to Komsomol members.

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