The new Agency. The veterans will be your Minister

Новое ведомство. У ветеранов будет свой министр

Irina Friz – the new Ukrainian Minister

The Verkhovna Rada has appointed Irina Frieze on the position of the Minister of veterans Affairs. The process of creation of the Ministry of government began in March.

On the Ministry of veterans in Ukraine say a long time. In February, the Rada recommended the government to create it, and now finally scheduled and actually Minister.

What will the new Ministry and who benefits from its creation, understood the

The question of unification

In Ukraine for four years, appeared about 350 thousand combatants – anti-terrorist operations or the Operations of the joint forces. The average age of a veteran is 35 years.

At the state level, the social protection problems of these people are engaged in more than 20 ministries and departments and local authorities. In the end, the veterans are constantly faced with bureaucratic red tape, wandering through various institutions.

The Ministry need in order to resolve this whole bureaucratic mess. It will solve all the problems related to health of veterans, support their families, benefits, housing, and will create conditions for normal employment. According to the concept of Minuterna will move on many of the functions of the Ministry of defense, Ministry of health, Ministry of social policy and other state services.

The General opinion of representatives of veterans ‘ public organizations, staff of the Ministry should be formed due to competitive veterans with education and experience. In order to enable them to participate in the contest, which provides for the law on civil service, the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada jointly with the project office and the National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine has organized training courses for 100 veterans.

Foreign example

Such a Ministry, which deals with veterans is, for example, in the United States.

In the U.S. Department working on the protection and promotion of veterans, their families and those dependent on them, including the dead soldiers.

Among other activities of this structure – registration and integrating veterans, benefits (including health insurance and medical services, reduced interest when providing loans for housing, buying a house or car), payment assistance, comprehensive health services, combating homelessness, establishment of pensions, and the like.

The Ministry of veterans Affairs in the United States has a very high funding – more budget is only the Ministry of defence.

In addition to specialized ministries in the United States there is a large veteran’s organization “American Legion”, which enjoys great prestige and which have a significant effect on all the processes relating to war veterans. Its population is about three million people.

Who benefits

The creation of the Ministry most sought by the Deputy Chairman of the BPP Alexander Tretyakov.

350 thousand combatants is an important resource, control over which, before the election particularly valuable.

In the end the Ministry, as expected, went to the representatives of the President’s team.

“I do not exclude that the office of the authority will be actively used during election campaigns. Get a “buckwheat” to the budget bill.At the same time, I wouldn’t say that people who have gone through war, so will just “buy”,” notes political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

In the adopted state Budget-2019 row about the expenses of the Ministry of veterans there. From the state Treasury plans to allocate only about 161 million hryvnia, although this is almost 20 million more than the current Ministry for the occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

The new Minister

Headed the new Ministry, the former press Secretary Petro Poroshenko, representative of the BPP Irina Friz.

Her 44 years in the early 2000s, the Frieze became assistant to Petro Poroshenko, the then people’s Deputy of Ukraine, and since her whole career is inextricably linked with the current President.

During the presidential election of 2014, she headed the information Department of the electoral headquarters of Petro Poroshenko. Then led the Main Directorate of public communications and information of the presidential Administration. Soon she was promoted to chief of the Main Department of information policy of the Administration. And in 2014, the Frieze was elected people’s Deputy of Ukraine by list of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko.

Last year Irina Friz declared UAH 242 051 salary, which she received in Parliament. In its property there is the AUDI A5 (2015 release), and her husband recorded the sedan KIA Magentis 2007.