The new head of the government of Montenegro has promised to complete the process of accession of Montenegro to NATO

Новый глава правительства Черногории пообещал завершить процесс вступления Черногории в НАТО

In Montenegro, the Parliament approved a new Pro-Western government. It was headed by Dusko Markovic, former head of intelligence of the country and a close ally of the head of the Democratic party of socialists Mila đukanović. Speaking in Parliament, 58-year-old Markovic has promised that his government until the end of 2017 will complete the process of accession of Montenegro to NATO.

This was announced by radio “Freedom”.

Deputies from the opposition parties, mainly Pro-Russian Pro-Serbian wing, did not participate in the session of Parliament, the report said.

Recall, the foreign Minister explained Russia, why NATO enlargement is not a provocation. According to the Secretary General, it is not NATO expands, and Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary themselves expressed a desire to join the Alliance.