The new head of the Ministry of energy admitted in visits to DNR

Новый глава Минэнерго признался в поездках в ДНР

Igor Nasalik

The nasaliki declared about the participation in the liberation of war prisoners and the delivery of insulin.

The Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik admitted that he twice traveled to Donetsk. He said this on air of 112 Ukraine.

“I had two trips that are associated directly to the region. The first trip was when I was looking for our prisoners, I find the cyborgs, and we managed to take it from there. When we take away the military from there, this position does not require a special information space. Will tell you even more that I managed to find our legendary cyborg,” he said.

Nasalik added: “the Second trip, which took place, I met with our faction, when the children who are there, not receiving insulin, all faction have made a relevant contribution, some businessmen made a contribution, we have bought insulin for children and we managed to get him in there. Here are two trips.”

He said that these trips were not agreed with the AP.

As reported, Igor Nasalik declared 81 122 UAH of income in 2015, and five auto.

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