The new missile can penetrate meters of armor – NSDC

Новые ракеты могут пробивать метровую броню - СНБО

In Ukraine in recent years has developed several new missile systems

Ukrainian missiles far surpass the Russian counterparts, says the head of the NSDC Turchinov.

The new Ukrainian rockets manufactured by the design Bureau of the Beam, able to penetrate meters of armor and with high precision strike armored vehicles of the enemy. On Tuesday, August 14, said the head of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov, the press service of the Ministry.

“In Ukraine and far beyond its borders is known for a strong an effective and reliable anti-missile systems “SKIF”, Stugna, the Corsair, Sarmat, Barrier and others,” he said, adding that these missiles “effectively destroy enemy targets on the front and are highly respected and in demand in foreign markets of arms”.

In addition, the NSDC Secretary stressed that the missiles Beam with high precision strike armored vehicles of the enemy and “can penetrate meters of armor, overcoming the modern system of protection and counteraction.”

Turchynov inspected in the factory production lines, which ensure the production of a new Ukrainian missile complex Alder, as well as the new Ukrainian cruise missiles Neptune.

“Crucial for us is that the missiles, the Beam is not only not inferior, and their capabilities better than similar weapons of the Russian production”, – said Turchinov.

The NSDC Secretary also held a meeting with participation of leadership of Crabronidae and CB Ray, where they discussed new tasks for the implementation of the approved national security Council the National missile program. In particular, the issues of new development of reactive systems of volley fire, anti-aircraft missile systems and other priorities is necessary for reliable protection of the country.

Note, last week, Turchynov called for the testing of new Ukrainian howitzers Bogdan, which has NATO 155-mm caliber and can hit targets at a distance of 60 km.


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