The next meeting of the contact group is held in Minsk on 29 April, – Irina Gerashchenko

Следующая встреча контактной группы в Минске пройдет 29 апреля, - Ирина Геращенко

The next meeting of the contact group is held in Minsk on April 29. This was announced by the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group, the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko in Facebook.

“I believe that the failure of the hostage exchange should be a key topic of the meeting of the TAG on Friday, April 29. Moreover, on 20 April, all parties: the OSCE, Russia and even “ORDA” supported the initiative of Ukraine about the liberation of 25-50 people for Easter”, she wrote.

According to her, representatives of the “ORDO” stated that they will respond to the proposals of the Ukrainian side on the exchange of hostages after the holidays not before 12 may.

“And said that the demand to release terrorists involved in terrorist attacks in Odessa and Kharkov, and in return we will give the list of hostages, in which we only know 7 names, and not all those heroes for liberation we are fighting for a year. Threw all the new homework, rejected all the propositions to release at least 7 hostages, whom they are willing to share. Did not provide, despite a promise to answer for the detained UN personnel and religious studies I. Kozlovsky, rejected all initiatives for the seriously ill. Obviously written script – blackmail hostages”, – said Gerashchenko.

She added that appealed to the militants with a request to provide all the hostages right “at least call their families on the eve of Easter holidays”.

“And I think that the topic of the hostages have become a key channel format”, – it summed up.

We will remind, at the meeting of the contact group on 20 April, the Ukrainian side handed over to representatives of the “DNR” list of the 25 hostages in need of immediate release. While Kiev has said it is ready to transmit in return the militants of 50 people and proposed this exchange before Easter.

We will note, according to the latest data, in captivity of fighters there are 114 people, 12 more – in Russia.