The night the earthquake did not affect the operation of South Ukrainian NPP – Energoatom

Ночное землетрясение не повлияло на работу Южно-Украинской АЭС, - "Энергоатом"

The earthquake that occurred last night in Romania and felt by several regions of Ukraine, a unit of South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant is not affected. This reports the press service of “Energoatom”.

According to a senior shift supervisor staff Andrew Palackoho, earthquake was recorded in seismically active of the Romanian Vrancea zone of magnitude 5.6 on the work of the nuclear power station is not affected. Violations of operational limits and conditions in the reactors in the earthquake was not. The equipment works in a regular mode. The radiation background at the industrial site and in the sanitary protection zone has not changed and corresponds to natural background values, measured by start-up station.

“The equipment system of seismometric control of the nuclear power station recorded minor fluctuations of the earth’s crust, which is much lower than the settings of actuation of emergency protection of the reactor plant. According to the project, emergency protection, leading to an automatic stop of the reactor, at power units SUNPP triggered by earthquake of magnitude 6”, – explained in “Energoatom”.

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Recall that the epicenter was located in the Eastern part of Romania (Vrancea mountains, near the city of Lipschitz). Tremors felt in the cities of Izmail, Reni, Bolgrad and Odessa. Destruction or victims.

South-Ukrainian NPP is located on the banks of the southern bug in the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk of the Nikolaev area and is a separate subdivision of SE NNEGC “Energoatom”. Is part of the southern-the Ukrainian power complex.

The composition of the complex includes: the South-Ukrainian NPP (3 power unit VVER-1000 with total capacity of 3000 MWt), Aleksandrovsky hydroelectric power station on the river southern bug (2 hydraulic units with total capacity of 11.5 MW) and Tashlyk pumped storage plant (commissioned in the first place: 2 hydraulic units with a total electrical capacity in the generator mode 320 MW under construction the second phase – generating unit № 3).