The Nikolaev businessman was shot in the courtyard of the house

Николаевского бизнесмена расстреляли во дворе дома

The man received multiple injuries

The man received about twenty wounds from a traumatic weapons and Grabovogo, he was operated on.

In Nikolaev in the night of Monday, October 8, a shooting took place, police region.

At about 3.30, the police received a call from the inhabitant of the house № 58 along the Avenue of the World. Caller reported that yard of the house heard the screams and gunshots. Arrived on the scene, the patrol found a wounded man. The victim on the ambulance car delivered in BSMP.

According to preliminary data, in the yard unknown persons attacked the businessman, applying a traumatic and hunting weapons. The yard was literally littered with shell casings – experts have counted dozens of them.

From the testimony of eyewitnesses it is known that in the conflict with the shooting involved about five people. Now the police establishes and looking for other intruders.

On this fact began criminal proceedings on signs of part 4 of article 296 of the criminal code of Ukraine Hooliganism, which is punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to seven years.

Both men 30 and 35 years, residents of Nikolaev, detained in order St. 208 criminal procedure code of Ukraine. With them now, investigators are working. All the circumstances of the crime and the causes of fire are established.

According to the newspaper the News-N, the patrol managed to detain one of participants of incident – he tried to escape by car VAZ-2108. The detainee was discovered traumatic guns of the Fort and PM, as well as a hunting rifle. Also in the car was found a Balaclava.

According to some reports, another member of the attack fled in another vehicle.

Currently, the police find out the reason for the attack on businessman.

Taken to hospital, the businessman was urgently operated. On his body the doctors counted about 20 wounds in the limbs and thorax derived from traumatic and Grabovogo weapons. Wound to the chest directly threatened the patient’s life, as was penetrating into the pleural cavity, the lung was affected.

Earlier in Nikolaev the shooting occurred near the supermarket. During the conflict between the two men, one of them got out of the car gun and made several shots.


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