The NOC of Ukraine has summed up year

НОК Украины подвел итоги года

Sergey Bubka

Sergey Bubka outlined the priorities of the Olympic movement today.

On Friday, November 17, in Kiev during the meeting XXXII General Assembly of the National Olympic Committee summed up the results of NGO activities during the year and outlined plans for the next 2018 Olympic year.

Forum participants, including athletes and coaches, representatives of the national Olympic federations, sports societies, regional Olympic centers, educational institutions, representatives of public authorities and heads of other NGOs heard and discussed a report on the activities of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and of the Executive Committee of the NOC of Ukraine in 2017 and the main areas of work in 2018, the report of the audit Committee and the implementation of the budget of the current year and plan the budget for next year.

The General Assembly considered the question of admission to membership in the NOC representatives of the sports included in the programme of the games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo (Japan) in 2020.

The delegates of the forum was devoted to the issues of preparation and participation of sportsmen of Ukraine in the next winter Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang (Republic of Korea), III summer Youth Olympic games 2018 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the games of the XXXII Olympiad in 2020 in Tokyo (Japan).

“To integrate the activities of the NOC of contemporary global trends”, – said the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Sergey Bubka during his speech.

“In the modern Olympic movement actively implement Olympic Agenda 2020 – strategic development plan proposed by IOC President Thomas Bach and adopted two years ago. These principles are successfully integrated in the activities of the Olympic Committee of Ukraine”, – said Sergey Bubka.

Among the major trends – good governance, which is assessed according to 5 principles: transparency, integrity, democracy, development and solidarity, mechanisms of control. National Olympic Committee of Ukraine together with the federations of pursuing a consistent policy in this direction and will continue next year. All the activities of the NOC is open and transparent. Reports, including financial, and is open to all comers.

Another important direction is increasing the role and place of the athlete. “It’s nice that our athletes – the modern person with an active lifestyle. I want to sincerely thank our athletes for their active participation in the sport, the Olympic projects, the social companies, television commercials, programmes,” – said the President of the NOC.

According to Sergey Bubka, this year was the successful integration of the Ukrainian athletes in the international sports organization: Olga Harlan (fencing), Dmitry Corpulency (modern pentathlon) and Elena Kostevich (shooting) and George Zantaraya (judo) became part of the international commissions the athletes ‘ respective sports federations.

In the nearest plans of the Olympic Committee is the strengthening of educational work among athletes, in particular regarding their access to the educational projects of the IOC and the use of new global programs. Together with the Commission of athletes of the National Olympic Committee plans to develop and carry out a program that would provide a series of informative meetings with leading athletes to give them a special essential knowledge on diverse range of issues active career, post-career, education, anti-doping policy behavior with an entourage of coaches, doctors, agents, media, sponsors and partners.

It is important to support and actually implement the global policy for the protection of athletes from harassment and offense. The international Olympic Committee has developed a special document on this issue: the Leadership of the IOC, the international federations and National Olympic committees “Protecting athletes from harassment and offense.”

One of the most painful is the problem of doping.

“Doping undermines the very foundations of sport. And most importantly – undermines the credibility of the sport and athletes with the public, sponsors and state institutions. For the NOC of Ukraine compliance with the WADA Code, promote its activities, education of the athletes is priority No. 1. And I really want it to be the No. 1 priority for all our athletes, coaches and organizers,” – said Serhiy nazarovych, calling you all again to join forces in the fight against the plague of XXI century in sports

The priority remains the issue of attracting young people to physical culture and sports. Sergey Bubka cited several indicators held on the initiative of the NOC of the social survey implemented by the world famous company GfK. 56% of respondents are not interested in sports, and 67% of young people aged 20-24 years old are not interested in sports. Also, according to the world health organization at the global scale, 1 out of 4 adults are not active enough, and more than 80% of adolescents are also not sufficiently physically active.

“It is very important to bring our youth from online to off-line, to pick up from the street, bring them to the sports arenas – not all will become Champions, but they will grow healthy, strong and successful. The NOC implements a number of social Olympic projects with the involvement of the young generation: Olympic day, Olympic lesson, Olympic Aistenok, Do like Olympians, OlympicLab and others. It is important that each Federation had effective programme to integrate youth to the sport, fought for their future Champions”, – said Sergey Bubka.

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