The Norwegian company entered the project Nord stream media

Норвежская компания вошла в проект Северный поток – СМИ

A third Kvaerner is owned by the government of Norway.

The Norwegian company Kvaerner has entered the project Nord stream – 2 as a contractor. On Thursday, January 11, according to the Russian edition of the News.Economy.

It is noted that Gazprom lacks the technology for the gas pipeline on the seabed. Therefore, we made the decision to bring the Norwegian company.

In particular, under the contract, Kvaerner will perform works near St. Petersburg and Vyborg. The Norwegians promise to engage a number of Russian subcontractors. Part of the money that foreign companies will receive under the terms of the contracts will go to Russian companies.

“We Kvaerner strive to reduce to zero harm to people and the environment. Our partner, Nord stream-2 AG also pays much attention to the health, safety of citizens and the inviolability of nature”, – said the representative of Kvaerner.

It is known that 30% of the company Kvaerner owned by the Norwegian government.

Recall, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson said that Washington is working on ways to block the construction of Nord stream.

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