The NSDC of Ukraine approved the Strategic defense Bulletin and eased sanctions against Iranian citizens

СНБО Украины одобрил Стратегический оборонный бюллетень и смягчил санкции против граждан Ирана

At a meeting of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine today, may 20th, was approved by the Strategic defense Bulletin and eased sanctions against Iran. This reports the press service of NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

“During the meeting was endorsed by the Strategic defence Bulletin, which defines the main objectives and directions of reform of the defense sphere of Ukraine. This document was prepared in close cooperation with advisers of the States members of NATO. In accordance with the anticipated development of defense capabilities of Ukraine in the period up to 2020, the reform of the Armed Forces in accordance with NATO standards and strengthen democratic civilian control in the defense sector”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the document is specific to certain tasks and tight deadlines for their implementation. On its basis will be provided for strategic planning in the defence sector that will translate into corresponding state program. According to the report, the adoption of this Bulletin is an important step in strengthening the defense potential of the country and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

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The meeting also discussed a number of issues related to the implementation of defense tasks and the development of military-industrial complex of Ukraine.

In particular, it provides substantial improvements in the system of state administration in this sphere. During the discussion of specific measures have been defined for the development of the capacity of defence companies to ensure AFU and other military formations with modern weapons and military equipment.

Also discussed were the problems encountered with the financing of the State defense order and important military programs in the absence of a legislative provision of a special Fund of the State budget. In this context, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was instructed to take urgent measures to address this issue and provide funding to support sector defence and security in full.

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In addition, members of the national security Council reviewed the issue related to special restrictive measures (sanctions). In accordance with the decision of the UN Security Council were softened personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) to the citizens of Iran.