The number of stolen cars in Kyiv in 2016 exceeded 2 thousand. The detection of 10%

Количество угнанных авто в Киеве в 2016 перевалило за 2 тысячи. Раскрываемость 10%

You come home from work late and left the car under the window? Have you awakened in the night by an alarm going off? You love your car and care about her?

Of course, you have an alarm, but the attackers are well equipped and intercept the code from the electronic key. To avoid trouble, it is best to return the car under the console guarding, your darling will be protected. Even if it doesn’t work your alarm, which disabled the attackers, they will be able to go far on Your car, because the car is under surveillance by the security company, the SHERIFF. In the rain, in the snow, strong winds, in the absence of lighting on the street at night or a bright day (and how many of the thefts happen during the day!) continuously running GPS tracker from holding Sheriff.

You left your car in an unfamiliar neighborhood and left in a taxi? – in the event of a hijacking attempt, even if you are far away, the security alarm and immediately leave the group response.

The most experienced and sophisticated modern hijacker will not bother for more than 15 minutes, and even turning off the usual alarms and other devices, he will not be able to scan your car and check whether there is a GPS tracker. And he is, and the group delay response of the offender. Even if you’ve forgotten what street you parked the car, transferred through two channels, the signal will inform about it security with accuracy up to 5 meters (connect to security console, you can see it in your personal area on the computer screen or any other gadget).

You morning went out to my car, and next to the wheel unscrewed the cap? Someone checks, do you monitor your vehicles? If you? You are worried, paint the unpleasant picture – got up in the morning, and no car? There is no assurance of safety car even in protected parks, in private yards, on busy streets near offices and residential areas.

In view of the worsening situation it makes sense to connect a console to the custody of the Sheriff. And, starting from 120 UAH of subscription fee per month, you will forget about the night, insomnia, you stop to pay attention to suspicious people with mobile phones in the hands of near Parking.

Autonomous GPS monitoring system and security car from the Sheriff’s resistant to “jamming”, the intentional interference and other achievements of modern hijacker.

If the attacker has possession of the car under false pretenses, from the security control panel will stop the engine or disable the fuel supply to your car.

If you already have an alarm, it remains. If you maintain the car in a certain HUNDRED, the electrician of the station will be transferred to instructions for hardware installation. Of course, to install the equipment and you can on one HUNDRED and collaborating directly with the security holding Sheriff.

Panel protection installed on their own cars and on cars network of corporate clients.

You can order the service on the website of the Sheriff or to call by phone (044) 500 1 911
The SHERIFF is the best private protection in 2016, according to “Ukrainian national Award”!