The number of suicides in Britain has reached an unacceptable level – report

Число самоубийств в Британии достигло неприемлемого уровня, - доклад

The number of suicides in England has reached an unacceptable level, reads the report of the special Committee on health, BBC reports.

According to the study, in 2015 4 820 people in England committed suicide across the UK – 6 188 people.

According to some experts, the real figures may be even higher.

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The report’s authors try to influence the government, which would next year make a plan to prevent suicide. According to deputies, the previous government’s program was ineffective.

According to the report, assistance and support should be made more accessible for people who are at risk.

The MPs recommend that the Ministry of health to expand the use of modern technology, including online support services.

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In addition, the authors suggest to conduct additional training for General practitioners so that they can sooner identify patients who are suicidal.

The report also notes “irresponsible” coverage of the topic of suicide in the media pushing are at risk for suicide.