The number of Ukrainians seeking asylum in the EU

Все меньше украинцев просят убежища в ЕС

Every year reduced the number of Ukrainian citizens who apply for asylum in EU countries.

In 2018 asylum in the European Union asked almost 8.5 thousand Ukrainians, which is less than in previous years. Such data contains in published on Thursday, 14 March, Eurostat data.

So, in 2018 8490 Ukrainians asked for asylum in EU countries. For comparison: in 2017 EU asylum asked 8945 person in 2016 – more than 11 thousand Ukrainians in 2015 – almost 21 thousand in 2014 to 13.5 thousand.

There are countries where the number of asylum seekers from Ukraine is relatively high, but significantly lower than the number of applicants from other countries.

In particular, for asylum in Italy last year asked 2485 Ukrainians. Followed by: Spain – in this country, have asked for asylum, 1880 people, Germany with 1,060 petitions of the Ukrainians and France – 725 statements.

In Poland, from the authorities which declared that “hundreds of thousands” of refugees from Ukraine, the leaders in the number of asylum applications remain Russians – 1600 statements, accounting for 67% of all.

A high proportion of asylum applications from Ukrainians is observed in the Czech Republic, where the citizens of Ukraine have asked for asylum often immigrants from any other country (280 people, or 21% of the total number of asylum-seekers), Portugal (135 people or 11%), Estonia, where asylum is requested 15 Ukrainians, representing 17% of the total number of applicants, and Poland – 225 applications (9%).

Germany sent to Ukraine 11 asylum seekers

Recall that in late 2018 Czech Republic included Ukraine in the list of safe countries, which will affect planning to seek asylum in the country.

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