The number of unemployed in the world exceeded 200 million people

Количество безработных в мире превысило 200 млн человек

Unemployed in the world has become more

For the year of the unemployed was 3.4 million more.

As of 2017, the number of unemployed in the world reached 201 million. This figure increased over the year by 3.4 million people, according to a report by the International labour organization, Prime.

“The main reason is that not enough investment. Firms do not invest in their employees, the activity is slowing down. And it’s overall effect on employment levels, worsening it,” said Deputy Director General of the ILO Deborah Greenfield.

In the report, they show the growth of employment in enterprises of small and average business. Over the period 2003-2016 years almost doubled the number of regular employees of these companies. However, this trend slowed over the last two years.

The ILO proposes a set of recommendations for changing trends. In particular, experts urge to develop a new policy for development of small and medium enterprises, to improve the situation for all businesses, including providing access to financing for newly established structures. In addition, it is proposed to conduct trainings for staff, which reduces costs and increases productivity activities, in contrast to the recruitment of temporary workforce. The document notes that the use of innovative technologies also leads to the creation of new jobs and productivity growth.

Experts Express concern that the suspension of growth of employment in enterprises of small and average business can continue in the future.

In conducting the study, the experts did not take into account the impact of sanctions on labour markets in countries.

We will remind, in Ukraine as of 1 September the number of unemployed decreased by 12%.