The number of victims “Hawthorn” in Russia has risen to 76 people

Число жертв "Боярышника" в РФ выросло до 76 человек

Leninsky district court of Irkutsk has sent into custody four persons in the case of the death of 76 people, poisoned a surrogate to include a “Hawthorn”, reports BBC Russian service.

As reported by Russian media, the court granted four motions of the investigators asking to arrest the accused during the investigation of the case. All four sent to custody for two months. Their names are not specified.

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In addition, one detainee, the court sent under house arrest, and the decision against the two was postponed for three days. Before making this decision, they both will remain in custody.

All the detainees are charged under article of manufacture, storage or sale of unsafe products, the use of which resulted in fatalities. The maximum penalty for this offence is 10 years imprisonment.

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During the investigation, police arrested 19 people. 10 of them last week was sent under house arrest, one was arrested and one released under his own recognizance.

Recall that a mass poisoning occurred in the district of Novo-Lenine, among the victims – men and women aged 35-50 years. It turned out that they used the concentrate for bathing called “Hawthorn”. According to the label, it supposedly contains 93% ethyl alcohol extract of hawthorn. During the examination it turned out that “Hawthorn” contained methanol and antifreeze. In connection with the mass poisoning in Irkutsk entered a state of emergency.