The number of victims of poisoning “Hawthorn” in Russia has risen to 63

Число жертв отравления "Боярышником" в РФ возросло до 63

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of the Irkutsk region from poisoning concentrate “Hawthorn” has 63 people died, 109 were injured. Such data with reference to the Agency TASS.

Now in hospitals with poisoning remains of 37 people, said the Agency in a press-service of regional Ministry of health.

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The mass poisoning was recorded on Sunday, poisoned all lived in one district of Irkutsk.

In the composition of the bath concentrate “Hawthorn”, who drank the victims, turned out to be methanol, which can be fatal even in small quantities.

The next day the government introduced in the city state of emergency and banned the sale of non-food alcohol-containing means.

On Tuesday, the same measures were adopted across the entire Irkutsk region.

In fact PE initiated a criminal case under investigation detained 12 people.