The number of victims of the mass poisoning at a wedding in Lviv region has increased to 30 people

Количество жертв в результате массового отравления на свадьбе во Львовской обл. возросло до 30 человек

The number of people who have suffered as a result of poisoning at a wedding in Lviv region has risen to 30 people, according to the State sanitary and epidemiological service of Ukraine.

Just attended the wedding of 80 people, 13 of them got sick on may 16. Among the injured were seven children.

The specialists of SES were selected for laboratory analysis of water samples and food products which were available in the institution during the wedding.

Earlier it became known that after the wedding reception in the coffee bar Novoyavorivsk with food poisoning were hospitalized 14 people, including 6 children. The youngest victim one year old, the oldest 51 years old. All the hospitalized residents of several localities of Yavoriv district. Lviv region the police started investigation on the fact of mass poisoning.