The ocean color changes due to global warming – scientists

Океан меняет цвет из-за глобального потепления - ученые

Approximately by the year 2100 will change the color of about half of the ocean, leading to dramatic shifts in the ecosystem.

Scientists have found that due to global warming the World’s oceans started to change color. It is reported in the journal Nature Communications.

Ocean water will become more vivid. The reason for this is the rapid growth of blue-green algae and some types of plankton. The reason for this will be global warming.

Experts studying this issue suggested that these changes will not begin before the second half of the century. But the first signals are visible already now.

About half of the world’s oceans “will be brighter” by the year 2100. The water near the tropics will become more blue, and polar and Equatorial waters is greener.

Besides the visual effect, change the color of the ocean will lead to significant changes in ecosystems.

Earlier it was reported that the area of ice cover in the Antarctic is at a record reduced. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have named the main threat to humanity.

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