The October Storm. Police opened 2 production

Штурм Октябрьского. Полиция открыла 2 производства

While detained there, a few of the victims from the security forces.

In fact the events at the October Palace in Kiev police initiated two criminal proceedings, said the speaker of the national police of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, the production opened on the fact of attempt at the seizure of state or public buildings and threats to the law enforcement authority.

Also the question of open proceedings under article 343 of the criminal code – “obstructing the work of police officers.”

Have trakalo added that while the detainees there, there are several victims from the security forces.

“The protesters used fireworks and threw firecrackers, trying to break into the premises, staged a brawl with police officers, damaged the door of the building. At the moment there is information about the victims from the security forces – particularly, from poisoning by an unknown substance,” said was Trakalo.

Штурм Октябрьского. Полиция открыла 2 производства


Information about the victims from the protesters on the line 102 has not been received, he added, law enforcement document all actions of participants, each case will be given a legal assessment.

Штурм Октябрьского. Полиция открыла 2 производства

Security October

“According to our information, inside the room there are about 800 people who came to the concert, among them are children”, – said Trakalo.

“Currently, under the building – about a hundred protesters, a number of law enforcement officers is sufficient to respond to the situation, the police escorted the protesters from the beginning “March”, – he said.

In turn, the leader of the “movement of new forces” Mikheil Saakashvili, who was first among the protesters under the October Palace, stands on the stage near the Verkhovna Rada.

He stated that his credo is “peace protests” that he would not allow to be bloodshed and that he is “against provocations and violence.”

“I don’t know who it continues to break. This is not the Verkhovna Rada, why this violence! Who wants to smash the building – sorry, we are not on the way. It makes no sense to break Windows and doors,” – said Saakashvili supporters.

The people’s Deputy Derevyanko says that a military attack on the October Palace was organized by provocateurs. According to him, to go Miho asked wives of political prisoners.

Let us not forget that Saakashvili himself after participating in the “March for impeachment” speech at the chamber in the center of Kiev said that in the October Palace on the street will be a “coordinating headquarters” of the protest.

After a confrontation with the forces of the national guard and police officers, the protesters broke into the hall of the October Palace, but then they missed nachadzate. In October at that time there was a concert, which was attended by the children.