The Odessa court extended the arrest of the accused in the case on may 2, the second of them went on hunger strike

Одесский суд продлил арест обвиняемых по делу 2 мая, второй из них объявил голодовку

Malinovsky district court of Odessa adopted the decision to extend the detention of the accused in the riots on may 2, 2014, reports “news of Odessa”.

As it became known during a court session, the defendant Mefyodov will remain behind bars for another 30 days, until may 29, and Dolzhenkov, Sakauov, Romaniuk and korchinskiy — until June 28. The judges noted that this decision was taken because of “ongoing risks” — the possible escape of arrested persons, from committing new offenses, etc.

Currently, the continued questioning of the prosecution witnesses and examination of exhibits.

We add that defendant Maxim Sakauov in protest against the decision of the court announced an indefinite hunger strike on April 29.

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Earlier, on 8 April, they announced a hunger strike Eugene Mefyodov, as well as Sakauov is a citizen of the Russian Federation.