The official FFU kidnapped on his car

Чиновник ФФУ похитил человека на его авто

In football Federation say that their employee has an excellent reputation.

Horodyshche, Cherkasy oblast court sent to a psychiatric examination football agent football Federation of Ukraine.

It turned out that three months ago, a guy from FFU, brandishing a gun, attacked the owner of Reno in Kiev on zvirynetsky str. Threatening with punishment, forced to sit in the car and drive him to Cherkasy region.

There, however, he let go of the hostage. But his car got to the town of Horodyshche in Cherkasy region, where the first cafe ransacked: pointed a gun at the shop, she broke the glass refrigerator doors, and then stole an ashtray from the table and ran away with it.

At the police station, where the bully was taken after the arrest, the man had behaved inappropriately in the protocols of interrogation, wrote obscene words. And then talked about unknown persons, who allegedly tried to kill his family, but he killed them.

“The suspect is officially running FFU is featured there on the positive side, owns a legally registered weapon and a driver’s license that indicates the absence of mental disorders. So the investigators went to court over the conduct inpatient assessment in the hospital. Pavlov”, – stated in the register of court decisions.

According to the materials: