The official responsible for preparing orders for the Parking at St. Michael’s, will be held accountable – KSCA

Чиновника, отвечающего за подготовку распоряжения о паркинге на Михайловской, привлекут к ответственности, – КГГА

Capital official, who did not provide public comment in the draft order about the underground Parking at St. Michael’s, will be held accountable. This was announced by the chief of staff of the Kyiv city state administration Volodymyr Bondarenko, the press service of the KSCA.

“I have just signed negative opinion about the work of the first Deputy Director of the Department of construction and housing Alexander Yastrubenko, who was responsible for the preparation of the draft order. This project has been prepared it is premature and unprofessional, there was no public discussion and agreement with UNESCO”, – said Vladimir Bondarenko.

He stressed that Kiev has the issue with Parking for vehicles. Therefore, the city government really is considering a number of options for the construction of underground car parks in several areas of the capital, in particular: European, Lukyanovka, Darnytskyi, Michael and others.

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“But St. Michael’s square – a buffer zone of Sophia of Kyiv, close to square of Heavenly hundreds, and eventually downtown. Therefore our position of principle: if we are talking about the area that falls within the buffer zone of the National reserve “Sophia of Kyiv”, then to any plans for its development must be approached carefully and clearly. Any project needs to be coordinated with UNESCO, is widely discussed with the public”, – said Vladimir Bondarenko.

According to him, the official who prepared the draft order, did not go beyond his powers, he prepared a model draft order, but did so prematurely.

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We will remind, near the square of Heavenly hundreds, the scandal, which concerns the construction of underground Parking under Saint Michael’s square. In mid-April, the city Council has allocated for the study of public opinion on this issue and communicate with UNESCO, which is under the protection of this area, more than 100 thousand UAH. Eugene Kuleba claimed that there is already a draft decision on construction of a multilevel Parking and the cost of the project is 2.3 billion USD. This amount allegedly planned to allocate from the city budget. But this initiative was not liked by the members of the public.