The oil reserves in the U.S. last week fell

Запасы нефти в США за неделю снизились

The oil reserves in the United States for the week decreased by 1.4 million barrels – up to 407,4 million barrels.

The oil reserves in the United States (excluding strategic reserves) for the week fell by 1.4 million barrels, or 0.3%, reports Reuters.

By 3 August, commercial oil stocks in the country stood 407,4 million barrels.

The decrease was not as strong as analysts expected. Experts predicted that stocks would decrease by 2.8 million barrels, or 0.7 percent, to 405,9 million barrels.

Oil prices decline sharply due to China and the United States

Earlier it was reported that in July the number of active oil and gas rigs in the world increased for the third straight month and reached the highest since February this year.

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