The Ombudsman stood up for the Roma from Loshchynivka

У омбудсмена вступились за ромов из Лощиновки

The police protects the Gypsy from angry residents

The decision to evict Roma after the murder of girls is illegal, according to human rights activists.

The decision to evict the Roma from the village Loshchynivka in Odessa region after the high-profile murder of a girl illegally. This is stated in the statement of the representative of the Commissioner for children’s rights, non-discrimination and gender equality Aksana Pilipishina.

“Instead of taking measures to resolve the conflict, Asinovski the Council took an illegal decision on the eviction of the Roma from the village, which violates the right to freedom of movement and free choice of place of residence of the Roma, as well as establishes a direct discrimination based on ethnic (national) origin”, – stated in the message of press-service.

Pilipishina today sent a request to the head of the Odessa regional state administration and Asinovskogo the head of the village. She urged to take all possible measures for settlement of the ethnic conflict in the village Loshchynivka compliance with the principle of non-discrimination.

In addition, the appropriate request was sent to the chief of the National police in the Odessa region with a request to ensure public safety and order in the village.

In the office of the Ombudsman stresses that during the solution of the conflict between the representatives of the Roma community and inhabitants of the village Loshchynivka local authorities have resorted to discriminatory actions.

As noted, in accordance with article 18 of the law of Ukraine “On national minorities in Ukraine any direct or indirect restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens on nationality is prohibited and punishable by law.

The representative of the Commissioner in their requests noted that the qualitative implementation of the plan of measures on realization of Strategy of protection and integration into Ukrainian society Roma minority in the period up to 2020, approved by decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 11 September 2013, could prevent, in particular, the situation in Loshchynivka.

We will remind, in the village Loshchynivka Odessa region was the brutal murder of the minor girl, which is suspected 20-year-old Roma.

After resonant murder in the village erupted into massive protests. Residents of Loshchynivka staged a pogrom the Romani houses were damaged, 7-8 structures. The police agreed to evict the Roma from the village at the request of local communities.