The Ombudsman told about the refused to exchange prisoners with the LDNR

Омбудсмен рассказала об отказавшихся от обмена пленными с ЛДНР

Seven people refused extradition in ORDA

The objectors made clear their unwillingness to leave Ukraine.

The ex-mayor of Terezka Vladimir Sleptsov and six other people from the lists of separatists at the last moment refused to go in ORDA in the framework of the exchange of hostages on December 27. About this on air of 112 Ukraine told the parliamentary Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska.

She noted that the objectors made clear their unwillingness to leave Ukraine.

“It was Sleptsov and six more persons who have already arrived at outside the government’s control of the territory and it clearly said, “We don’t want to stay, want to return to controlled territory.” There were seven” she explained.

“I know Vladimir Nikitovich personally, I have production, which is associated with the state of his health while he was in jail. I know the state of his health, and objectively to wait another three hours until all the formalities are resolved, and return it with a group of 7 people was dangerous to his health. So I asked to take him in the first place, together with journalists”, – said the Ombudsman.

She noted that a week before the exchange of the need to return to ORDO doubt about two dozen people.

Earlier it was reported that the blind during the procedure, the exchange of the remaining hostages to hide in the bus for journalists and returned it to Kiev-controlled territory.

We will remind, Sleptsova accused of organizing and carrying out on-site Turecka (formerly Dzerzhinsk) illegal the “referendum” on the independence of the DNI. Until December 27, Sleptsov was in jail previously Turecki city Council has expressed his disbelief.

Lutkovska also informed that in Ukraine the military hospital is 18 released in the Donbas hostages, their condition is estimated by doctors as average weight.

“As of yesterday at the military hospital, there were 18 hostages. Their condition is estimated by doctors as average. According to the doctors, none of them required urgent psychological help. The part of the civilians, who were released, was in hospital “Feofania” and with them also were willing to work psychologists. Of course, there are chronic diseases that require special attention from the doctors,” – said Lutkovska.

As reported, in the framework of the exchange held on 27 December, the militants handed over 233 people, who in turn released 74. One of the hostages, living in the occupied Donetsk, after his release, he expressed a desire to remain in the ORDO.