The opening of the exhibition ART& DESIGN in MANDARIN MAISON


28.02.2018 MAISON in MANDARIN, with the participation of Artcult Foundation,will host an exhibition of ART & DESIGN. The project will feature the works of famous Ukrainian artists and designers

You can see Braty, Masha Reva, Viktor Sidorenko, Stepan Ryabchenko, Oksana Levchenya-Constantine, Sergei Savchenko, Ruslan Tremba. Curator: Natalia Shpitkovskaya.

Among the guests at the opening: the famous workers of culture and art, the legislators of the world of fashion and show-business, representatives of the business elite, as well as friends and foreign partners of the organizers.

Exhibition ART & DESIGN – art and design, when modern artist finds new variations of the transmission of ideas, embodying them in a brilliant combination of form, matter and colour, moves new visual and spatial solutions.


The exhibition will be open to the public from 1 to 15 March.

Working time from 10.00 to 22.00

Address: MANDARIN MAISON,shopping Mall Mandarin Plaza, 5th floor, Basseynaya street, 6, Kiev