The operation of the cryptorchidism from leading doctors Acıbadem

Операция крипторхизма от ведущих докторов Acıbadem

With the development of the baby in the womb, the tissue of the host in the future in the form of an egg, developing on the one hand increases, on the other hand go right through the inguinal canal, which will be located in the scrotum.

This movement continues throughout the entire pregnancy.

Incomplete drooping of one or both testicles, that is, in other words, not the placement of the scrotum is called the not descended testicle.

What is the Migrating egg – retractile egg?

When migrating (bashful) testicle, testicles occasionally seen in the scrotum. However, in particular, because of the cold or under other circumstances, the testicles directly running up to the groin, disappear from sight. In medicine this condition is called retractile egg, there are, for example, when the child has fever, when sitting in a hot bath or when the baby is sleeping.

Bashful testicles are not a disease and does not require any intervention. In some cases, should be examined by a qualified pediatric urologist, and in certain periods to carry out inspections.

Why is not dropping the egg?

Another result of exposure to genital organs of our infants are genetically-modified foods nutrition contained in our food products. Because of the violation of the sensitive hormonal balance, the testicles of boys may not descend to the scrotum.

When should be treated not descended testicles?

The ideal age for treatment is not descended testicles is 9-18 months. To save an ideal quantity of sperm, lower the testes into the scrotum in 18 months. For older children, the sooner the surgery, the more effective.

How should be treated not descended testicles?

Every baby should be observed for 6 months and if the testicles still have not descended into the scrotum, the patient is diagnosed not descended testicles.

In the treatment of testicles, which do not exist or migrate to the scrotum, and not palpable in the scrotum testicle, the accurate and fast treatment is surgery.

Операция крипторхизма от ведущих докторов Acıbadem



Professor Dr. Selcuk Yudzhel’one-day surgery in the square 1 cm from the top of the scrotum, without the need for dressings that are not descended testicle descends into the scrotum. Patients the next day can travel by road or plane.

Even without the slightest sign, with hernia repair in patients with non descended testicle, the diagnosis is up to 65% and at the same time the treatment of surgery.

How is laparoscopic surgery is not descended testicles?

With the help of laparoskopii into the abdominal cavity through the umbilical cord consists of a thin camera and inspecting/looking for eggs around the inguinal canal. If veins in the testicles long for so much that can descend to the scrotum one session the operation is completed. However, if the veins in the testicles are very short, they are tied and cut. After 6 months re-performed the operation laparoscopically. thanks to the new developed veins lower the testicle into the scrotum.

If Professor. , selçuk Yudzhel’ planned operation in the unilateral testis by laparoscopy, the main objective is to complete the operation in one session. With bilateral descended testicles not the preferred operation is with two sessions.

Treated if lekarstvennymi drugs have not omitted the egg?

Attempt dropping of the eggs with drugs, most only the loss of time. Because as soon as the effect of the drug disappears in 80% of cases the egg is repeatedly runs up.

What should be the care and observation after surgery, omitted the egg?

In children with cryptorchidism, typically during the teenage period even more a risk of developing testicular tumors. Therefore, when examining the patient, if necessary, should carry out blood tests and an ultrasound test.

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