“The opposition bloc” began the all-Ukrainian campaign for the implementation of socio-economic and cultural rights and freedoms of citizens

"Оппоблок" начал всеукраинскую акцию за выполнение социально-экономических и культурных прав и свобод граждан

“The opposition bloc” all-Ukrainian peace started a campaign to collect signatures demanding the authorities to ensure the implementation of socio – economic and cultural rights and freedoms of citizens. About it reports a press-party service.

“The main demands of the opposition: to end the war and bring peace back to Ukraine; ensure the right to speak and listen in their native language; to stop the falsification of history; to provide people a decent life and work; to stop the crackdown and the onset of Nazism,” – said in the message.

In Zhitomir, during a meeting with people who came to support the demands of the Opposition bloc, the leader of the opposition Yuriy Boyko said that in the framework of the action plan to collect about one million signatures all over Ukraine.

“The collected signatures we will provide the authorities that they finally understood the position of the citizens of our country. And people want government to provide them a decent life that they feel supported. It is necessary to ensure a fair pension to support small and medium businesses. In the end, you need to stop the government’s attempts to rewrite history. The course should be aimed at ensuring the welfare of people and not for fulfilling the requirements of external creditors, which are now almost in charge of our country”, – said Yuriy Boyko.

As noted by the head of the Zhitomir opposition MP Yuriy Pavlenko, the action of the Opposition bloc “Protection and justice” on the first day attracted the attention of residents who actively put their signatures under the demands of the opposition.

“Today, you first need to stop the war and bring peace to Ukraine. To provide decent wages and pensions, a decent life for everyone. We demand: to stop the aggression and radical action, the imposition of what language people speak and what Church to go to. By refusing the government will not achieve anything. Using the collected signatures we will force the government to hear not only the “Opposition bloc”, but also the millions of citizens who want to live in a better Ukraine”, – said Yuriy Pavlenko.

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