The opposition bloc has calculated how much will cost new year’s table

В Оппоблоке подсчитали, во сколько обойдется новогодний стол

The Opposition bloc argue that the celebration of the New year the house will cost 2 500 UAH

This year new year’s table Ukrainians will cost 40% more than in the past, say in the party.

New year celebration will cost about half the monthly salary of the average Ukrainian, which is slightly more than five thousand hryvnia. The relevant calculations made by experts of the Opposition bloc, reports the press service of the party on Wednesday, December 28.

As said the representative of political power Michael Pope, in 2016, the food inflation significantly ahead of the total: the price of butter increased by 37%, eggs 34%, sour cream – 30%, milk – by 28%, buckwheat – by 13%. He stressed that, according to the experts, the standard Christmas buffet this year will cost Ukrainians in the 2 300-2 400 hryvnias vs 1 600-1 700 hryvnias a year ago, i.e. more than 40% more expensive. “For example, last year the salad had 115 hryvnia, but this year it 152. The Herring under a fur coat – UAH 75 and this 91 UAH”, – said the Pope.

He also added that we should not forget about new year’s attributes – tree, children’s gifts, the campaign for the gala performance.

“But that’s not all: this year experts for the first time added to the new year’s budget, another item of expenditure, which previously did not taken into account because of its insignificance: from 100 to 150 hryvnias in addition will go to utilities for preparation of dishes of the holiday table and celebrate the New year with TV and garlands,” said the Pope.

He also recalled that a week after the New year Ukrainians will celebrate Christmas, the main dish is, kutya, according to the experts of the party, has risen by 70%.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainians began to eat more imported cheeses, fish and fruit.

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