The opposition bloc issued a Declaration on the results of the Congress

The opposition bloc has published the Declaration at the end of 7-th Congress. The text published by the press service of the party.

It is noted that jeopardized the future of Ukraine as a sovereign state, the capacity of political institutions and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The opposition bloc States that began the process of unification of opposition forces for peace, calls on States to refrain from militant rhetoric and the actions aggravating the conflict in Ukraine. The only way to achieve peace political force considers the Minsk agreement.

Emphasizes the need to modernize the economy and development of modern Ukraine as an industrial country. It should become a common economic goal, an integral part of national idea.

The Declaration States that 80% of Ukrainian citizens are on the verge of poverty, society is forced to live on low social standards in terms of actually destroying the system of social protection, medicine, education.

“The opposition bloc States: we’ll stop and tariff policy of social genocide and provide a higher standard of living through responsible and equitable public policy, social responsibility, solidarity of citizens”, – stated in the text of the Declaration.

Also calls upon all political parties, social organizations to consolidate their efforts to prevent “criminal revolution” and rapid restore order in Ukraine, restoration of capacity of state institutions, ensure peace, stability and the guaranteed security of life of every citizen.

“Peace and development, security and justice can only be achieved by combining all constructively-minded forces of peace and the development of Ukraine. Ideological differences, personal insults and ambitions today should depart on the second plan”, – stated in the Declaration.

Representatives of the party consider it necessary to achieve public consensus, which should be enshrined in the new Constitution as a new social contract of citizens of Ukraine.