“The opposition bloc” predicts difficulties in the coming academic year due to the economic crisis and reforms

"Оппоблок" прогнозирует трудности в предстоящем учебном году из-за экономического кризиса и реформ

Because of the deep economic crisis and unprofessional for education reform the new school year will be one of the most difficult for both children and their parents. This was stated by MP from the Opposition bloc Yuriy Pavlenko.

Pavlenko has promised that the faction of the Opposition bloc in Parliament will make every effort to return the children that took away the power.

“Because of the authorities in education today, critical mass problems. In the new academic year they will come out,” – said Pavlenko.

According to the MP, on the eve of September 1, parents are scratching their heads over where to take the money to collect the child in school, as teachers are there to teach and will there be warm in the winter classes. “According to media reports, this year, parents of students will spend 10% more money than in the past. Buying a suit, sport shoes and stationery will cost the sum more than 6 thousand hryvnia, and this is more than four minimum wages, or two average salaries of the teacher and physician,” – said the politician.

He stressed that the current government took away the children almost everything that they previously provided by the state. “First they reduced the payout for second and third child, then took monthly payments for small children, completely shifted to the parents, the food in the kindergarten and school, selected students free textbooks, going to cancel scholarships to students,” he listed Pavlenko, adding that in the new academic year Ukraine is limited budget for education, which adjusted for inflation was one-third less than last year.

“In January 2016 we have made the draft amendments to the budget, which allocated an additional 98 billion hryvnia for social needs. Among other things, we proposed to allocate additional UAH 4.4 billion to education, of which 3.5 billion UAH – on the education subvention to the regions,” the politician reminded about the initiatives of their political power.

He stressed that education in Ukraine should be free. “Our country has the opportunity to provide every child with free textbooks, free breakfasts in schools. The possibility of obtaining higher education for everyone – is a guarantee that our economy will work as educated professionals. Only under this condition, the economy will grow”, – said the politician.

He noted that his political force have recovery strategy of Ukraine, which proposes to change the budget, returning children cancelled payments and benefits.