“The opposition bloc”: the Case of the Balitsky – an obvious political attack

In “the Oppositional block” has commented on the case concerning the people’s Deputy Yevhen Balytsky, calling it a political attack. This was reported in the press service of political power.

“The criminal case instituted by the Prosecutor General on a false denunciation of the Pro-government Deputy artyushenko is the return in 1937. The government started a new round of repression against the Opposition bloc for the principled position of the party on the blockade of Donbass. We call on the U.S. Embassy and other foreign partners to intervene to stop the attack on democracy in Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

In political force consider that the charges artyushenko addressed to the Deputy Balytsky groundless.

“A year ago the court has already ordered artyushenko to refute your own false statements to the address of the Balitsky. Now he’s trying to take revenge, inventing another fake to please the authorities. This case is an obvious political attack on the “Opposition bloc”. We are the only party in the country, which has condemned the decision of the Council of the blockade of Donbass. This decision is separatist to the office of the whole region from Ukraine”, – said the “opposition bloc”.

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