The opposition in Parliament wrote a complaint came Tillerson

Оппозиция в Раде написала жалобу приехавшему Тиллерсону

The opposition bloc declares that Ukraine is a direct attack on democracy.

The parliamentary faction of the party Opposition bloc issued an appeal to today arrived in Kiev US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. The text of the appeal published on the website of political power.

“Against the background of the critical situation in the field of security, the lack of progress in the implementation of the political aspects of the Minsk agreements and lack of progress in the fight against corruption in the higher echelons of the state leadership, the Ukrainian government regularly resorted to pressure on political opposition and independent media”, – the statement says.

The opposition bloc believe that the government “systematically violates” international democratic standards, including freedom of expression, media pluralism and the existence of an independent political opposition.

“The Ukrainian government says that it makes the state a reliable pillar of democracy in the region. However, these slogans contradict reality, which clearly demonstrates the rapid transformation of Ukraine into an authoritarian state. In the framework of the planned power of a full-scale campaign to policyrelevance leading opposition politicians, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine regularly pursues politically motivated by people’s deputies, regional activists of the Opposition bloc on false and absurd charges”, – stated in the statement.

Also, the opposition bloc accused the government of supporting the radicals who commit unlawful actions against the opposition.

“In the actual support of the Ukrainian authorities and the full non-interference of law enforcement bodies radicals from the neo-Nazi movement targeting opposition politicians, party activists and citizens involved in the activities of the opposition”, – said in the appeal to Rex Tillerson.

Stresses that remain uninvestigated murders of journalists Olesya Elderberry and Pavel Sheremet, the arson of the premises of the TV channel inter and the regional offices of the Opposition bloc, “which the radicals openly boast on their pages in the Internet”.

“The government encourages these illegal actions, unleashing the hands of bandits attacked the real opposition, which has the support of many companies. Terror and politically motivated prosecution of the opposition is a direct attack on democracy and the right of Ukrainian citizens to protect their political position. It threatens the lives of people who have the courage to speak the truth about the corruption and incompetence of the authorities, social genocide and the protection of the values of millions of Ukrainians. It is an assault on values of democracy, freedom of speech and human rights, which shakes the whole civilized world. Restrictions of freedom of speech, political censorship, and the burning of TV stations and killing of journalists – the reality of today in Ukraine”, – said the opposition bloc.

According to the opposition, objective assessment of these processes became the 102nd place out of 180 countries, which occupied Ukraine in the last rating of freedom of speech from Reporters without borders.

“Despite populist statements by the authorities about democracy and European values, the rule in Ukraine was intimidation, threats and violence against journalists, ban social networking and Internet sites. During the three years of its activities the current government remembered active struggle with freedom of speech: the repeated attempts to license television channels inter, 1+1, 112 Ukraine, News One. In addition, against editors and journalists of independent media opened criminal cases, the latest of which was a fabricated case against the chief editor of the popular opposition Internet publication Igor Guzhva,” – said in the appeal.

The opposition bloc believe that the next step of the authorities, aimed at combating disloyal to her by the media, become the decision of the Verkhovna Rada concerning restricting the use of languages of national minorities in the Ukrainian information space.

“This decision of the Ukrainian Parliament, we consider as limiting social and cultural rights of national minorities, aimed at increasing tension in the Ukrainian society. In addition, the authorities have developed a provocative bills directed against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which can destroy inter-religious peace in the country”, – said the Opposition bloc.

Also stresses that the opposition remain committed advocates full and strict immediate implementation of the Minsk agreements.

“I appeal to you to support the opposition’s demands to the Ukrainian authorities on the termination of political repressions, unlawful activities of radicals, illegal pressure on the media and ensure their real independence. We hope for fruitful cooperation in order to protect Ukrainian democracy, civil society and return Ukraine to the path of peace and development,” summed up the opposition bloc.

As reported Корреспондент.nettoday the head of the U.S. state Department Rex Tillerson has arrived with short visit to Kiev. He will meet with President Petro Poroshenko,government members and civil society activists.