The opposition in Syria threatened to withdraw from the truce if Assad’s troops and allies will continue to violate it

Оппозиция в Сирии угрожает выйти из перемирия, если войска Асада и союзники продолжат его нарушать

The opposition in Syria stated that he would consider a cease-fire “null and void” if the troops of Bashar al-Assad and allies will continue to violate it. About it reports Reuters.

Russia is supporting Bashar al-Assad called on the UN to agree to a fragile truce, the third this year, due to which trying to end the nearly six-year war in Syria.

After the announcement of the armistice (midnight, 30 December – ed.) in some areas continued clashes and the air strikes, although according to the Syrian Supervisory Board on human rights, today the truce largely observed. “Prolonged violation by the regime, the bombing and attempts to attack controlled by the revolutionary factions areas can make the agreement null and void,” says the Syrian opposition.

It is also noted that government troops and their allies remain active in the Damascus area.

Recall that on 29 December it was reported that Russia and Turkey agreed on a comprehensive ceasefire in Syria. The agreement should cover all areas where there are fights, and parties to the conflict were invited to stop fighting from 00:00 on 29 December.

Further, with the assistance of Turkey and Russia plan to begin discussions on a political settlement of the conflict. The talks to be held in Astana.

At the same time, Reuters reported that Syria will be divided into zones of influence under the agreement on the settlement of the situation in the Republic. This will allow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stay in power for another few years until the next presidential election. The Agency clarified that the scheme is yet to pass the agreement with Assad, the Syrian opposition, Gulf countries and USA.

Note that the proposed ceasefire for terrorist organizations.