The organization of work KPVV in the Donbass must be improved – UN high Commissioner for refugees

Организацию работы КПВВ на Донбассе необходимо усовершенствовать, – комиссар ООН по делам беженцев

The UN high Commissioner for refugees Filippo Grandi believes that the organization of work of check points of entry and exit (KPVV) on the delimitation line in Donetsk and Luhansk region needs to be improved. He declared it in interview “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“Today (November 24 – ed.) I was driving through PPC “Maori” around 8:00 and there was already a queue of 1.2 km in length. This means that people spent the night there, in the cold. And you know that is dangerous at night, at night there are attacks, and there have been several occasions when the shelling had damaged the car near KPVV. The procedure of crossing KPVV needs to be improved”, – he said.

“A lot of elderly people, a lot of people who cannot move on their own, a lot of women who may go to buy something or to see their relatives. It’s not politicians, they do not pose a security threat. So they can expect that they will be checked more quickly,” said Grundy speaking about the inspections of the people.

News: Ukraine on the eve of new year holidays are ready to increase the number of worker Windows on PPC on the demarcation line

He noted that he discussed this issue during the meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Kiev on Monday and promised to give its recommendations after visiting the KPVV.

“The best solution would be to increase the number of KPVV. But the problem is that in such a situation, those who control the process, think in military categories and don’t think about people. I think they should think about the people, too,” said Grandi.

He also noted that the UN has a plan in case of escalation of the conflict.

“It is obvious that in the case of amplification and escalation of the conflict, people have to leave. And in the UN system have a plan in case that happens. But we hope that this will not happen. We hope politicians will think primarily about the people. Then this will not happen. But we still have a plan because we cannot be sure that decides policy,” added Grundy.

As reported, the Grande came with a five-day visit to Ukraine during which he met with the leadership of the country, visited the cities of Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and Maori in the Donetsk region, and also visited in the territory temporarily uncontrolled by the Ukrainian government.

This is the first visit of the UN high Commissioner for refugees in Ukraine for the past 20 years.

Note, the Trilateral contact group (TCG) previously agreed to open PPC “gold” in the Luhansk region until December 10.