The Orthodox faithful passion week

У православных верующих начинается Страстная неделя

Passion week is so named in memory of the last days of the earthly life and sufferings of Jesus Christ. Each day is called the Great – on the significance of events.

Orthodox believers on Monday, April 2, join in the Holy week (week) − time is the most strict fasting before Easter, when the Church remembers the last days of the earthly life and suffering of Jesus Christ.

All the days of Holy week the Church calls “great”.

The first three days is dedicated to the memory of the last conversations of Jesus Christ with people and students. During the long Church services these days read all four Gospels.

Worship days already associated itself with suffering on the cross of the Lord, the Church remembers the treachery of Judas, the last supper, the taking of Jesus into custody, His conviction, suffering on the cross, death, burial of the Savior and the descent into hell.

On Great Thursday, the believers remember the establishment of the sacrament of communion the Body and Blood of Christ − the Eucharist (from the Greek for “thanksgiving”).

Good Friday − the most mournful day of the Church year, when Jesus was crucified and died on the cross, redeeming man’s sins.

On Saturday, according to the teachings of the Church, the body of Christ “dwelt in the coffin”, but the soul he descended into hell and brought with him the souls of the righteous. Already during the morning service, the priests change black robes on light clothes and begin preparing for the great feast of the Resurrection, consecrated Easter food.

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