The OSCE noted the stagnation in the implementation of the Minsk-2

В ОБСЕ констатировали застой в выполнении Минска-2

Minsk agreement are not met due to the lack of agreement between the Normandy Quartet, says Greminger.

The countries-participants of the Minsk agreements there is no political will to implement them. The implementation of the agreements is at a standstill, said the Secretary General of the OSCE Thomas Greminger. He said this in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

“All parties-signatories, there is no sufficient will to implement various measures – measures related to safety, measures of a political nature. Channel four a while has given impetus to the implementation of these measures, but now it is not. I think the Normandy Quartet no sufficient agreement. Now we see stagnation in the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and all parties blaming each other,” he said.

To solve this problem Greminger provides through the implementation of specific measures.

“They need to begin to restore some trust and confidence by implementing very specific measures to build confidence along the line of contact. It is obvious that at some point you also need to make progress in fulfilling the political aspects of the Minsk agreements”, – he said.

The reason for the lack of will to implement the Minsk agreements Greminger believes it is a “deep lack of trust between Ukraine and Russia.”

“I think that until, until the improvements in the bilateral relationship, will be very difficult to make progress in the implementation of Minsk to resolve other issues related to the Kerch Strait, Azov sea. I think we, as an international organization, we can offer our tools and services facilitation, but while there is no desire to improve relations, to start a real dialogue between leaders of the two countries, I think it will be very difficult,” he explained.

The Minsk agreement, he said, are the only plan for resolution of the protracted conflict. Their implementation requires great efforts, recognized Greminger, however, requires the participation of the political leadership in “genuine dialogue”.

We will note, on March 8 in the Donbass has started “spring” a truce, which considerably decreased the intensity of the fighting. In particular for the last days not recorded any attack.


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