The OSCE said about losing the drone because of the shelling in the Donbass

В ОБСЕ заявили о потере дрона из-за обстрела на Донбассе

In the Donbass regularly shelled the drones OSCE

Observers heard six bursts of small arms approximately 1.5-2 km from their location.

Observers special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE has lost an unmanned aerial vehicle, which came under fire in the Luhansk region. It is stated in the report of the mission on 10 January, published yesterday.

“From its position on the Eastern edge of the settlement Popasnaya (controlled by the government, 69 km West of Luhansk), the mission team carried out flight of unmanned aerial mini-apparatus to monitor snow removal work on road, T-0504, when observers heard six bursts of small arms approximately 1.5-2 km East from his location,” the statement reads.

According to observers, the fire was on the UAV, he “lost altitude, and the patrol mission was lost over it control”.

“The observers were not able to get it back,” – said the OSCE.

Earlier in December, in the Luhansk region was fired at a boat near the village of Crystal. Observers have heard around 30 shots from small arms. They were able to deploy the UAV back and successfully complete his landing.

And at the end of October, the boat was lost during a flight over outside the government’s control of the Ukrainian territories of Donetsk region. Then the drone was able to locate near the village of Kalinovo, 72 km East from Donetsk, anti-aircraft missile system OSA 9К33. Then he noticed a convoy of seven trucks on a dirt road near the border with Russia.

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