The OSCE showed a convoy of trucks from Russia to the Donbass

ОБСЕ показала колонны грузовиков из РФ на Донбасс

The OSCE showed a convoy of trucks which entered the Donbass from the Russian territory

Vehicles moving on a dirt road, on which there are no checkpoints.

The drone of the OSCE mission took a convoy of trucks, drove to the Donbas from Russia on a dirt road where there are no border crossing facilities. This is stated in the mission report.

Unauthorized traffic was recorded on the night of 8 August.

7 August at 22.15 UAV found a convoy of eight six-wheeled trucks with covered tarpaulin cargo Bay. Five of them were KAMAZ-4310, the rest of unidentified models, the report said.

The column was moving in an easterly direction along the road near the settlement Chistyakova in 62 kilometers East of Donetsk. Near the village of Manych, about 3.5 kilometers from the border between Ukraine and Russia, the column turned East on the dirt road, passing through the border, said the observer mission.

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After this drone recorded the second column consisting of the lead car (SUV UAZ) and six six-wheeled KAMAZ trucks with covered tarpaulin cargo Bay, and one truck with a shelter.

“A column followed westward from the border with Russia on the same dirt road. Two columns drove past another one about five minutes after the second column entered Ukraine”, – reported in the report.

According to the mission, the UAV 23.25 recorded as the first convoy left Ukraine for the same dirt road.

“Later, the second convoy has been joined by two KAMAZ truck that was also moving in the direction of the border with Russia. Each of the columns separately, stayed for about three minutes near the SUV, standing in a field close to the aforementioned dirt road (1.7 kilometers from the border), and then again stopped by two trucks, which stood at the intersection of dirt and paved roads (in 3.5 kilometers from where the column crossed the border),” – said the OSCE special monitoring mission.

In places stops “persons in parked vehicles communicate with drivers head machines each of the columns”.

“According to the observations of SMM, the column heading in the Western direction to Ukraine, continued to move West and eventually settled on the southern edge of the settlement Crystal (form. Red Ray, 56 kilometers South-West of Lugansk) to 01.16 8 August,” the report says.

According to the mission, on 7 August, two kilometers East of the village Cheremshyne (59 kilometers South-East of Lugansk) was first recorded temporary camp on the territory of which were six armoured reconnaissance sentinel vehicles (BRDM) and 15 trucks of military type (two types KAMAZ, four types of Ural, two KrAZ, six type ZIL and one unidentified model; all the trucks were painted in shades of green).

“On one of the trucks had black registration plates with white characters and prefix DK. The vehicle was parked close to each other, and one of them hung a scrim. Approximately 1.6 kilometres to the East of the camps are located unguarded road (blocked by a metal gate), passing through the border with Russia”, – said the OSCE.

Earlier it was reported that for July in the fighting in the Donbass killed seven of the Ukrainian military – it’s the least losses per month since the beginning of the year. For the six months victims of the conflict were also 29 civilians.

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