The outbreak of plague in pigs recorded in two areas

Вспышку чумы у свиней зафиксировали сразу в двух областях

ASF is recorded in two areas

Sick animals found in the Luhansk and Kirovohrad regions.

The outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) reported in two areas of Ukraine: Lugansk and Kirovograd. On Tuesday, January 2, reported the state service of Ukraine on issues of food safety and consumer protection.

So dangerous pathogen found in private household of a local resident in the village Malokhatka Luhansk region. In addition, sick animals found in the hunting grounds of hunting Svetlovodskoe in the Kirovograd region.

“For the purpose of coordination of actions on localization and liquidation of outbreaks of ASF held a meeting of the state extraordinary antiepizootic commissions at the respective regional state administrations, decisions of which plans have been approved for elimination of ASF, defined boundaries epizootic foci, areas of protection and supervision. The foci are actions to contain and prevent the spread of the pathogen ASF”, — stated in the message of the civil service.

Earlier it was reported that the African plague in pigs recorded in the Kiev region.