The outcome 1.12: Exercises in Crimea, dirt on Poroshenko

Итоги 1.12: Учения у Крыма, компромат на Порошенко

Ukraine has started missile exercises near Crimea presents the main events of yesterday.

The French President refused to run for a second term

Francois Hollande will become the first President in modern French history, voluntarily renounced claims to a second term. The French socialist leader said in a live televised address that he would not run for the presidential elections of 2017. “I decided not to stand as a candidate for the renewal of the mandate”, – said Hollande.

Ukraine has started missile exercises near Crimea

Missile firing Ukraine near the Crimea began, despite threats by Russia to strike in response to the teachings and expectations of the Ukrainian authorities “anything from an aggressive neighbor”.

1 December 16 launches of Ukrainian rockets, they all have reached the goals. The training will continue on 2 December. The exercise involved air defense forces, military, transport and pilotless aircraft.

Russia has said it would not consider the issue of missile firing Ukraine near the Crimea exhausted after the transfer zones in the Black sea and will not leave unanswered actions of Kiev.

Russia has updated its foreign policy concept

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the new foreign policy concept. According to the document, it is based on the security of the country, the creation of favorable conditions for sustainable growth, development of partnership with foreign countries, protection of the rights of Russians.Only lists 11 fundamental principles.

In Cherkasy activists broke into RSA and lit flares

During the picket of the Cherkasy regional state administration activists entered the premises of the administration and from the Windows of rooms lit flares. The action was dedicated to the anniversary of the revolutionary events on Bankova street. All was calm, the activists after the rally dispersed.

Onishchenko said that he gave US the dirt on Poroshenko

MP Oleksandr onyschenko said that he gave US the dirt on the President of Petro Poroshenko.

Earlier, the SBU said that Onishchenko received Russian citizenship. The Department argued that the Ukrainian Parliament agreed to cooperate with Russia to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

Onishchenko noted that SBU charge against him is a response to an article in which he accuses the Administration of President Poroshenko in the buying of votes in Parliament he and several other deputies.

In Russia crashed spaceship Progress

The cargo spacecraft Progress MS-04 crashed shortly after takeoff. Roscosmos said the Progress was lost at an altitude of about 190 km over the deserted territory of Tuva. Currently there is a search for possible debris.

Witnesses removed the falling fragments of the spacecraft Progress.

Progress carried on Board about 2.5 tons of various cargoes, including propellant for refueling the ISS, water and air for astronauts, as well as food, clothing, medical supplies and scientific equipment.

The residence of St. Nicholas opened in Kyiv

In Kiev, the Great Lavra belltower, Kiev Pechersk Lavra, opened the residence of St. Nicholas. At the official opening ceremony was attended by St. Nicholas, his assistant and a few dozen children with their parents. In a letter to St. Nicholas, the children wrote their wishes: basically, peace and harmony in Ukraine.

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