The outcome 12.10: the PACE resolution on Ukraine and pressure from the USA

Итоги 12.10: Решение ПАСЕ по Украине и демарш США

The PACE harshly criticized the Ukrainian law on education presents the main events of yesterday.

The second vessel with coal from the United States arrived in Ukraine

In the commercial sea port of Yuzhny, Odessa region arrived on a second ship with steam coal from the United States. A party of 60 thousand tons for Centrenergo brought the ship Victoria.

Russia has installed a second arch of the bridge in the Crimea

Road arch under construction in the Kerch Strait bridge from Crimea to Russia weighing more than 5 thousand tons raised at the Seine estuary supports – to a height of 35 meters from sea level.

The gradual process took about five hours. The arch was lifted with 12 jacks with a total lifting capacity of almost 8 thousand tons.

The U.S. announced withdrawal from UNESCO

The US announced its decision to withdraw from UNESCO. The country will remain a member of UNESCO prior to 31 December 2018, and from 2019 will be in observer status in this international organization.

This decision is connected with anti-Israel, according to the United States, politics of the organization and the need for reform of UNESCO.

The Israeli authorities after the United States took the decision to withdraw from UNESCO.

Ukraine and three other countries have extended the EU sanctions against Russia

Montenegro, Albania, Norway and Ukraine joined the extension of European Union sanctions against Russia until March 15, 2018. This was stated by EU high representative Federica Mogherini on behalf of the EU.

PACE made a decision on the Ukrainian law on education

The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a decision on the law on education in languages of national minorities in Ukraine.

PACE members criticized the law on education, article 7 changing the language of education without consultation with representatives of national minorities. The Assembly also appealed to Ukraine with a request to consider all of the recommendations of the Venice Commission, and to amend the education act. In addition, PACE has a number of legal issues to the law.

Officials of the Ministry of defense sent under house arrest

The Solomensky district court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint to the Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine Igor Pavlovsky and the Director of the procurement Department and material support of the Ministry of defense Vladimir Goulevitch in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest.

Officials are suspected of embezzling 149 million hryvnia for the purchase of fuel.

Russia failed to launch a rocket with the space truck

Russia was unable to launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome, the rocket carrier Soyuz 2.1 a, which was put into orbit by a space cargo ship Progress.

According to preliminary data, the problem could be with the electrics or engine management system, however, to draw conclusions about the reasons for the cancellation of the launch will be only a special Commission.

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