The outcome 18.12: the Fate of PrivatBank, the fighting in the area ATO

Итоги 18.12: Судьба Приватбанка, бои в зоне АТО

PrivatBank becomes the property of the state presents the main events of yesterday.

Poland has disputed the increase in Gazprom’s supplies to bypass Ukraine

The government of Poland filed a complaint with the European court of justice on decision of European Commission to improve access for Gazprom to the Opal gas pipeline.

The Polish government is in favour of the suspension of the decision. According to Warsaw, the decision of the EC leads to a concentration on one source of supply, which is contrary to the principle of diversification and threatens to breach or termination of gas supply.

In Moldova wine recognized food product

The Parliament of Moldova passed a bill which recognized wine food. After the adoption of the new law, Moldova will allow the wine is product in the media, happens so-called liberalization of the wine market.

To Poland from Kiev came the first test IC

In Poland came the first test train, which will ply the route Kyiv – Lviv – Przemysl. The train from Kiev arrived in Poland on 18 December at 2:45. It was a technical passage on the new route without passengers.

From the captivity of the separatists freed the last “cyborg”

From captivity separatists in the Donbass Ukrainian military freed Taras Kolodiy. A soldier of the 80th airmobile brigade of the Ukrainian Armed forces was captured in January 2015. In the liberation of Donetsk “cyborg” was attended by Bishop of Irpen Clement UOC (the last Supper) and the SBU.

The Cabinet announced the decision to nationalize Privat

The Cabinet of Ministers took the decision to move 100% of the shares in a Bank in the state. The Board of PrivatBank, will be headed by former Minister of Finance Alexander Shlapak. The transition period will begin on December 19.

The decision to transfer state PrivatBank was taken because of threats to customers stated in the financial institution.

The nationalization of PrivatBank: all the details

The Ministry of Finance assured that the money of depositors of PrivatBank secure and protected by the state.

In the ATO zone was a serious military clash

In the area Svetlodarsk arc separatists tried to get the advanced units of the Ukrainian Armed forces from their positions, reported the press center of the ATO.

According to confirmed intelligence, enemy losses were about 20 people killed and 30 wounded, the loss of the APU – five dead and six wounded.

Thus, the DNI said that the Ukrainian military attempted a breakthrough in the area of Debaltsevo. According to them, the loss of the APU up to 10 people.

The United States has accused Iran of violating nuclear deal

The United States has accused Iran of violating the nuclear deal and demanded a meeting with the head of EU foreign policy Federica Mogherini, which coordinates the work of the joint Commission.

The discontent of Tehran caused by the decision of the US Congress to extend sanctions. The removal of this regime was the basis of Iran that the nuclear program of the country will be brought under international control.

Miss World 2016 was the representative of Puerto Rico

A spokeswoman for Puerto Rico’s Stephanie Del Valle has won the title of Miss World 2016. First Vice-miss world has become a citizen of the Dominican Republic, and the second — the inhabitant of Indonesia. The top five also included the representatives of Kenya and the Philippines.

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