The outcome 2016: the Most high-profile resignation

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

The end of an era expats – so many call of 2016 in Ukrainian politics. In 2015, the authorities are actively involved in the management of government experts from abroad, on which were pinned great hopes on reforms. For a generous advances criticisms followed, the foreigners met with the resistance of the system, and as a result most of them left leadership positions. However, it was dismissed this year not only in “Vikings”: in Ukraine in 2016 was replaced by the attorney General, Prime Minister, speaker of Parliament and head of the presidential Administration. The most important resignations in Ukraine read in the final material. The list is presented in chronological order.

Vitaliy KASKO

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

On 15 February the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO, responsible for international cooperation and the refund of officials, has submitted his resignation. He noted that prosecutors are “dominated by mutual responsibility”, “not law and the law, and lawlessness and iniquity,” and in key positions are assigned to people close to the former attorney Yanukovych, Viktor Pshonka.

KASKO said that he had taken the decision to resign after he became aware of the deprivation of his powers “to influence anything in the Prosecutor’s office, in particular to investigate “the diamond of prosecutors” and do the investigation in the General inspection of the GPU.” He added that he “took” office for investigation of high-profile corruption crimes.

Now KASKO is a Board member of the NGO Transparency International. Many expected that he will join David Sakvarelidze in the party “movement new forces,” but he said that he would not engage in politics.

David Sakvarelidze

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

At the end of March 2016, dismissed the Deputy attorney General and part of the Odessa oblast Prosecutor David Sakvarelidze. The pretext was the address of heads of territorial military Prosecutor’s offices of Ukraine, which was supported by eight MPs, which noted the need for the resignation Sakvarelidze.

In the documents of dismissal States that he grossly violated the rules of prosecutorial ethics to interfere in the official activities of the General Prosecutor improperly performed their duties and the Commission concerning participation in the consideration of the court and the maintenance of public prosecution in criminal proceedings in respect of “diamond prosecutors”, incorrectly drawn up documents for admission to state secrets, and later, did not eliminate the shortcomings in them, held a competition for filling positions in local prosecutors ‘ offices.

He Sakvarelidze said that “violated prosecutorial ethics, but in their understanding of this term”.

“What is this understanding? I’ll tell you: theft, corruption, mutual responsibility”, – he said.

Viktor Shokin

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

On March 29, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine votes 289 people’s deputies agreed on the dismissal of the President of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin.

63-year-old Viktor Shokin has held the post of Prosecutor General of 10 February 2015 Its activity on the post he started with the detention of the former head of fraction of Party of regions Alexander Efremov.

Shokin does not work with your young deputies reformers David Sakvarelidze and Vitaliy KASKO. Spit found on the stone after the arrest in the summer of 2015, Deputy chief of the investigation Department of the Prosecutor General Vladimir Shapkina and the Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Cornice. Shokin deduced from the inspection Department, which investigated the case “diamond” prosecutors, and then eliminated the investigative Department of Geninspection, which were subordinated to KASKO, taking it all functions.

Losing the trust of society Shokin personally asked to resign by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko February 16, 2016

Shokin now retired.

Yatsenyuk and his Ministers

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

16 February, the Verkhovna Rada, commenting on the report of the government of Yatsenyuk on the results of years of work, together found it to be unsatisfactory, but… not adopted a resolution of no confidence in the current government. It would seem that Yatsenyuk secured immunity until September, but April 14 during the traditional televised address he announced his resignation.

Cabinet Yatsenyuk blamed the lack of systematic work and economic growth. His decision Yatsenyuk explained “senseless accusations and desire to protect the country”, hinting that to leave the political field is not intended. It was reported that Yatsenyuk agreed to voluntarily leave his post after persuasion of the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden.

Following the resignation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk for a time disappeared from the media. However, he retained great influence in the work of Parliament and the new Cabinet – the “popular front” in the government, the Ministers of internal Affairs, justice, environment, education, infrastructure, sports and one Deputy Prime Minister without portfolio.

However, not all the Ministers of the Cabinet Yatsenyuk held with the head to the last head of the Ministry of health and Ministry of economic development gave up early.

The Minister of health Alexander Kvitashvili filed a resignation, was taken. In September 2015, the Rada failed to vote for his dismissal, and after that he stopped going to the committees. Kvitashvili said that he was not allowed to fully start the health care reform, pointing to the parliamentary Committee on health. In fact he left the post after the resignation of the entire Cabinet.

The ex-Minister of economy aivaras Abromavicius, resigned 3 Feb. He stated that he was forced to do it because of pressure from the unofficial “curator” of the BPP in the Verkhovna Rada Ihor Kononenko, who pushed for the position of Deputy Minister his man. To investigate the allegations of the Minister addressed to the Deputy pursued NABOO. After questioning both defendants in the case of the confirmation of charges was not found, and Kononenko reinstated Deputy head of the faction PPO in Parliament.

Volodymyr Groysman: chair of the speaker – the Prime Minister

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

The appointment of Groisman to the new position was accompanied by a few days of negotiations he agreed, then refused to head the government. The stumbling block was the Ministerial portfolios that could not share Groysman and the President’s team. In the end, the Cabinet has not updated completely, but only three quarters.

Prime Minister Groysman fond of giving public orders to subordinates, to remember how was the mayor, and do not hesitate if you want to insert in conversation with the Ministers of strong language.

Eka Zguladze

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

In may 2016, Eka Zguladze left the post of first Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs, while remaining in the team is Arsen Avakov. According to her, she warned President Poroshenko and Avakov that her work in the Ministry will be temporary.

In the end Zguladze has worked in the interior Ministry a little longer than stated, about a year and a half, so as not to weaken the reform process during the government crisis.

“I stay in the team, accepted the proposal of the Minister, will head a specially created group of advisors. Now call even more, because reform is ongoing. I’ll continue to work with the Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine, building a line of defence against corruption and lawlessness. Our team will not only continue to support the reform of the police, but in other areas, focusing on the sustainability achieved”, she said.

After the resignation Zguladze moved to Paris. Media wrote that there she had a divorce with her husband, Rafael Gluksman.

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George Tuck

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

The Deputy Minister of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territories and IDPs George Tooke, archival photo

April 29, President Poroshenko dismissed Heorhii Tuka from the post of head of the Luhansk regional CAA. Volunteer Tuck 10 months headed the government-controlled part of the Lugansk region, has created seven mobile teams for combating smuggling, clashed with the military and the company of Leo Konstantin Grigorishin. Tuck admitted that a larger decline than in the Luhansk region, nowhere and never seen.

Cabinet appointed Tuku, Deputy Minister for the occupied territories. His Agency is one of the smallest and yet can not fully included in the work. Funding for salaries was allocated only in the second half of July, and only after that a competition was announced. And now because of complaints about his holding the people who passed the contest two months ago, can’t get to work.

Instead tuks for the post of head of the Luhansk OVGA appointed local – the former head of the Markov RGA Yury Garbuz.

Ilya Kiva

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

On 19 may the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine has signed the report on the translation of Ilya Kiva from the post of head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime. Kiva remembered for his statements about the volunteers at the front (“a Man can’t be a volunteer at the front. Volunteering can be a woman”), the polygraph (“A polygraph is willing to pass me?”) and punishment of the suspects out of court. Also saw him on the train with a gun in his belt.

After the dismissal of Kiva became an adviser to interior Minister Arsen Avakov, had applied for admission to the National guard under contract, but serve in the end did not go. There were rumors that he will compete in the contest for the position of head of national police, but he denied them.

“I’m not going to lead the National police, because for me are broader and more important tasks that I have identified my leadership,” said Kiva.

Saakashvili and his team

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

Yulia Marushevska , Mikheil Saakashvili and Alexander Borovik

The first “swallows” flew from Odessa team Georgian reformer in may with the entry into force of the law on civil service which prohibits public servants have any citizenship other than Ukrainian.

In this regard, a citizen of Germany, Deputy head of the Odessa regional state administration Alexander Borovik has resigned. After that, he returned to the American company Bio-Signal Group Corp, while remaining an adviser to the Governor.

Another Deputy President, a Russian opposition leader Maria Gaidar, resigned almost simultaneously with the Sep: in addition to questions of nationality, it was due to a conflict with the relatives of ATO soldiers, who accused Gaidar in the delay of social payments to the military.

Nevertheless, Gaidar remains the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council.

November 7, about his resignation said the head of state of Ukraine in Odessa region, Giorgi Lortkipanidze. He noted that despite all the difficulties, the police of the region has really changed: the facts of theft of luxury cars has decreased three times, grievous bodily harm twice, robberies by 33%, burglaries by 22%, robbery by 16%. Thus a pressing issue remained the shortage, caused not passed the certification staff. Saakashvili, commenting on the care Lortkipanidze said that the chief of police “took away most of the features, and then began a persecution from all sides”.

Saakashvili himself announced his resignation as head of the Odessa regional state administration on the same day. He convened a special briefing, where expressively declared that reforms are rolled up, and the President supports the two clans in Odessa and the region.

According to him, the funds to run an Open customs area, were stolen. He also lamented the fact that closed, a famous Centre of service of citizens in Odessa.

The Governor says that for him the last straw was the electronic Declaration. He resigned and said he began “a new stage of struggle.” The former Governor has declared intention to create new political force, which he called “movement of new forces.” The party declares the need for the formation of a new political elite, the main task calls the fight against corruption.

After Saakashvili resigned member of his team, the chief of the Odessa customs Yulia Marushevska.

According to her, all the tools of reform at the regional level have been exhausted, and many projects are simply not implemented, despite the control of the higher officials of the country.

Palestinian clashed with the head of the GFS Roman Nasirov, accusing him of obstructing reforms, she also filed two lawsuits against the attorney due to the fact that “he is in violation of the law holding a contest for the positions of chiefs of customs posts of the Odessa customs”. Nasirov in turn declared her several reprimands. The head of the SFS also said that during the operation official they “have not even seen the alleged plan of those reforms.”

Marushevska stated that after retirement he will continue to make efforts for the realization of real changes in the state system and to expose the attempts of officials to imitate the reform, “that they distract us from existing schemes of plunder and destruction of the country.”

Tatiana Popova

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

Tatiana Popova

August 3, Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Tetiana Popova resigned. Popov came to the defense of journalists, whose data are published on the website of the “Peacemaker”, but opposed the termination of the activities of the publication.

After the Minister of information policy Yuriy stets has accused Popov in self-praise.

“I leave the government. I do not agree with attacks on journalists and freedom of expression on the part of individual politicians and political organizations. Can’t take the lack of response to these attacks”, – posted by Popov in Facebook and stated that it “will continue to defend as a citizen and volunteer of the ideas of independence, freedom and democracy.”

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Boris Lozhkin

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

Information about the resignation of the head of presidential Administration Boris Lozhkin was exaggerated for a long time, the media wrote that “he had enough”, he wants to show the result, which no one is waiting.

29 Aug resignation Lozhkin officially confirmed by the AP. In its place has appointed Ihor Rainin, and Lozhkin was headed by the national investment Council, while remaining an Advisor to the President Poroshenko. Talking about the new work, Lozhkin said “not tired and ready to make Ukraine “a Mecca for foreign investment.”

The national investment Council is created to provide political and legislative support to large investors. In addition, he will coordinate the work of investors and key decision-makers in Ukraine. The programme of action of this body Lozhkin presented during the summit Ukraine – EU in Brussels on 24 November.

Zurab Alasania

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

Zurab Alasania

November 1, Zurab Alasania said that he was leaving the post of Director General of NTU due to problems with the budget of the Eurovision song contest-2017. Alasania wrote a letter of resignation from a post at own will.

The main mission Alasania was to create in Ukraine Public television, but suddenly there was the necessity of holding in Ukraine the Eurovision song contest, and it cut the budget of NTU. After all sorts of costs for the competition from the broadcaster was only 193 million. General Director of NTU believes that in this period the company “to lead people, more compromising, flexible, able to negotiate and satisfy the often conflicting demands of participants of process”.

Khatia Dekanoidze

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

Khatia Dekanoidze

The head of national police Khatia Dekanoidze left his post on 14 November.

The shadow on her body cast a nasty incident with the killing of crooked Lake and sensational story with a deadly chase in Kiev. Reforming the police, which she directed, has become the object of attention, and any mistake subordinates immediately provoked sharp criticism of the instructor. She recalled the deaths of two patrolmen in the river and ignorance of the state language, and eventually the pressure took effect.

Explaining his decision, Dekanoidze said that a lot of made went unnoticed. She also said about surviving traditions of the interference of politicians in police work.

Tatiana Kozachenko

Итоги 2016 года: Самые громкие отставки

The Director of the Department for lustration of the Ministry of justice Tetyana Kozachenko, archive photo

The Director of the Department for lustration of the Ministry of justice Tetyana Kozachenko left his post in November. Before that, she reported on the completion of 98% of lustration in the leadership of public authorities. She noted that the Department has established a system work, and it can operate successfully without it. In General, according to Kozachenko, the officials still not ready to sacrifice personal interests for the sake of the transformation of the country.

Kozachenko also said that it intends to continue to do the reforms transferred the powers of the chief individual responsible 23-year-old Anna Kalinchuk, but rose in publicity around the youth of the latter led to the fact that she was never appointed.

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